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It’s Sea Otter Awareness Week!

September 21 to 27 is Sea Otter Awareness Week, an annual event coordinated by Friends of the Sea Otter, a non-profit advocacy group protecting sea otters. From the event’s website:

Sea Otter Awareness Week falls on the last week in September and is an annual recognition of the vital role that sea otters play in the nearshore ecosystem.  Each year, zoos, aquariums, natural history museums, marine institutions, filmmakers, researchers, academics, educators, and the public participate in various events and activities highlighting sea otters and their natural history and the various conservation issues sea otters are faced with. This year marks the 10th year anniversary of Sea Otter Awareness Week and hope to inspire the conservation of these beloved marine mammals!

Events are being held all over the U.S. and in Vancouver, Canada; Brest, France; and Lisbon, Portugal. Click here to find one near you.

Photo of sea otter Abby by Veronica Craft

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